What is Pundit

Pundit is a web application that allows users to annotate web pages highlighting and commenting text passages. Compared to others annotations tool Pundit is a bit “special” since it also allows to create semantic annotations.

This is the developers site where we provide technical information.

For more general information about the project please visit the Pundit website or contact us at info@thepund.it

How to use Pundit

There are three main ways you can use Pundit:

1. Chrome Extension

This is the preferred way of using Pundit as a general purpose application to annotate general web pages while browsing the web. The extension allows you to launch Pundit on any page you want to annotate and build your highlights, comments and semantic annotations.

We provide two different Chrome Extensions:
Pundit Annotator: the basic web annotation tool that allows users to create highlights and comments on web pages;
Pundit Annotator Pro: a more advanced tool for users who also want to create semantic annotations.

2. Embed Pundit in your project

In the case of digital archives or web sites where is possible to hard code some HTML code inside the pages we can directly inject the Pundit code. So Pundit will be launched as the page loads. In this case we can use a custom configuration there properties ontologies and entities can be used. This case is detailed at this page

3. Feed the Pundit

IMPORTANT The current version of Feed the Pundit has some known issues we’re going to fix soon. Contact us if you need to use this technology in your project.

For custom archives where we don’t want to embed the Pundit code we can use also Feed. Feed allows to work with Images, RDF files and HTML pages. You can find more detailed information about Feed at this page

Annotation Server

IMPORTANT The new version of the Annotation Server will be released soon.

You can download a full ZIP of the Annotations Server at this URL The currently available version is 1.6.2 and was released on 5th June 2015.

More technical resources

You can find more detailed info at these pages:





You can find information about the license here.