Pundit Annotator configuration

1 Create a configuration file

To overwrite Pundit’s defaults just edit the configuration file included in the page.

Using javascript syntax create an object called “punditConfig” and set the desired properties:

var punditConfig = {
    debugAllModules: true,
    useBasicRelations: false,
    vocabularies: [

The guidelines for creating a Pundit configuration file can be found here.

2 Relations vocabulary

A relations set is a vocabulary of type “predicates”, it is similar to a taxonomy, but items are expected to have the “rdftype” attribute equal to rdf:Property. Specifies relations vocabularies that will be available to Pundit users (defines a list of relations with domain and ranges). Each vocabulary definition is a JSONP file available on the Web and is loaded by resolving an absolute URL. The following code (see pundit 2.0 configuration) shows an example.

result: {
     items: [
         "value": "http://purl.org/dc/terms/creator",
         "label":"has creator",
         "description":"The selected text fragment has been created by a specific Person",
        ...other items...

Pundit resource panel

The Relation vocabulary is then used by the Pundit Client in the Resource Panel to show the predicates available to the user to build triples.